social media marketing strategies


Social media marketing strategy engages audience where they already like to spend their time and diverts traffic to the website. SMM is for the audience who do not search on the internet for the products and services offered. Today users traffic is already created in social media which helps continuously to get in with the customers and grow the business on the internet.

Before starting up with the social media marketing, one needs to know about how to build a social media marketing strategy unique?

Hence, this article will guide you to frame a social media strategy along with groundwork and mechanism

social media marketing strategies

How to create a social media strategy?

Instead of randomly posting one needs to organize the strategy correctly and efficiently to attain the finest results. There are few crucial towers which one has to keep in mind for social media strategy. One has to analyze the 4W’s and set up the 1H.

What is 4W’s and 1H?

• What
• When
• Where
• Whom, and
• How

So, let’s take a case study of a custom printing business card company in France and analyze the above-mentioned factors.


It is very important to study the detail information of about the product and service the company offers, as false information may spoil the reputation of the brand. The detail information comprises of both the negative and the positive factors of the product. So, let’s inspect our products we went promote on social media platforms. So, as per our example, our company sell four type of products ecological, original, luxe and super business cards. The positive points of the product are delivered important information, create your first positive impression, saves time, customization, it’s effective and last & least no need to convert business cards into the French language. Now, going forward to negative points limited space on the card, cost-effective if not ordered in bulk, it is easy to carry but can be misplaced anywhere.


Marketing, at the top or below the ground social media, begins with understanding your excellent customers. Build a powerful idea for your target audience takes a long time, but to think about steps to be taken instantly will put you all in the best position at the starting stage. Now let’s have a look on our study of the targeted audience.

• Industries & Startups

• Company CEO

• Human Resource Management

• NGO Owners

• Non-Profitable Company

Don’t follow all the traits, but you have to figure out all the bit details of the targeted audience by following the below points.

Location: Where you will find your users live? If you know your target country that will work, but if you want to target only a particular area then you should mark those places. We have taken “France “as our targeted country.

Age: Think about the age range of your users. Keep this range as broad as you can. Unless you are not sure about your age target how you will achieve the goals. As per our case study age group which we have targeted is 25 years to 65 years.

Gender: What gender your users identify as? This might be unimportant for your brand but if you can mention it will be beneficiary for your promotions on a social media platform.

Interest & Behavior: We all know every community has their own interest and behavior? These both things play a very important role to target the audience.

As per our example, France people love to participate in a sports tournament, music festivals, and theatre festivals. But, if we look at their behavior they always believe in the longtime business relationship, straightforward and questioning, they have to work under culture norms, they do not like two-sided printed cards.

The above personas may differ and it is not 100% accurate but to take you in the right directions of targeted audience will be the easy way to convert into customers.


Where plays a very important role in social media marketing. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google, youtube there is no shortage of platforms for you to build the presence of your brand.


Your aim now is to get a positive return on the time, money and effort you spend on it that requires attention behind every action. After targeting on various platforms now we have to look forward is to how we will run the ads or promotions on every platform as per the seasons or festivals targeted.

Facebook: Pay to promote & make your own business page.

Instagram: engage followers & influences.

LinkedIn: your company profile and professional network.

Twitter: networking and news.

YouTube: create your channel on YouTube.

Our case study: We analyze the statistics of Facebook, Instagram., LinkedIn. Twitter, video of France,

Above are the guidelines for enhancing the knowledge on social media marketing. for further information regarding best digital marketing course in Delhi.