Easy And Effective Ways To Promote Facebook Page without Boosting

Effective-Ways-to-freely-Promote Facebook-Page

Easy And Effective Ways To Promote Facebook

Page Without Boosting:

Promote facebook page: In the business world, marketing and selling a product is more important than just introducing the product. Marketing takes a huge role in increasing profits. In history, marketing was done through announcements, home to home product introduction but as technology has taken its place, social media is strongly impacting the business world. Among all the social media sites like Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, and Facebook is playing a major role in marketing. In fact, Facebook has over a 2 billion accounts who are active users daily. Therefore, Facebook is an amazing place to influence or introduce products, brands, services etc.

As a digital Marketer yourself, you might be wondering,” How to promote your brand or product and earn money on Facebook without any Investment?”. Well, Follow these simple steps and see the magic happen.

Actually, when Facebook pages got millions of likes & followers, Online Marketers are always looking for a page to promote their businesses.

Facebook  is the one of the most popular social networking website & service

Facebook Page Creation and Rules:

To promote facebook page; Firstly, Create a new facebook account, as in your old account personal & family friends exist and also they are not your niche targets.

After creating a Facebook account, Create a Page in your account to promote your facebook page.  If you do not know Read this “How to create a Facebook Page?

Set attractive HD images on wall and profile with below sizes. It’s will help to attract new fans.

Your Page’s profile picture:

  • 180×180 pixels for computers, for 36×36 pixels for most feature phones and 128×128 pixels for smartphones.

cover photo of your Page:

  • 820 wide x 312 tall pixels of computers and 640 wide x 360 tall pixels for smartphones.
  • It should be at least 400 pix wide and 150 pix tall.
  • Loads fastest as a sRGB JPG file that’s 851 pixels wide, 315 pixels tall and less than 100 kilobytes

For profile pictures and cover photos with your logo or text, you may get a better result by using a PNG file.

Your Page’s profile picture is generally shown in a circular shape in ads and posts, but when people visit your page it is in a square shape. The preview is shown below:


promote facebook page profile size


Promote-Facebook-Page cover photo sizes

  • Firstly, Add some keywords to the About Page and Profile Content. Also add Website, Phone number & Address these helps to easily reach local users & also helps local SEO purpose.
  • Regularly post some content to your page like Comedy, Quotations, Sports, Local News, Entertainments, anything that you like.
  • Lastly, publish some posts related to your keyword(niche)/category.


Best Timings for Post on Facebook | To promote your facebook page

  • 12:00 – 1:30 pm on Saturday and Sunday.
  • 3:00- 4:00 pm on Wednesday.
  • 1:00 – 4:00 pm on Thursday and Friday.
  • And every day in the morning 9:00-10:00 am also better.


Key features of Promote Facebook Page:

Generally, a common question arises in your mind, “How to get likes on facebook without boosting/investing ?”

Below I have mentioned some ways get likes on your facebook page

  • Custom Cover Photo
  • Highlight Post
  • Engage
  • Photos and Video
  • Mailing List Sign up
  • Pin to Top


  • Invite All: Initially, invite all your friends (Use “FB Invite All” Chrome extension for invite all your friends with one step. This tool will help you save your time). Moreover, as per my knowledge, since your page is new, most of the friends generally never show any interest towards liking your page in initial stages. For suppose, if your Facebook account has 300 friends and you invited everyone to your page but only 20%-30% of your friends will accept your page invitation. So you just ask your friends personally and also ask your friends to invite their friends to your FB page.

To promote facebook page, at initial stages your page requires a minimum standard number of likes. Thus, inviting your friends and their friends to your page; you can gain minimum standard likes.

  • Tag Friends: For free facebook likes, You need to publish a good post on daily basis and tag your friends to that post. In doing so, your post gets published on your friends’ timeline and is now reachable for a larger audience to read it.
  • Hash(#) Tags: To increase page likes and search results, Hashtags are very important while publishing a post. Generally, minimum 3-5 hashtags are required in your post. Since Hashtags are in use for search terms appears in search results.
  • Title: Title of post is like the soul of a body and very powerful. It plays a major role in attracting and inspiring people to like and share your post. In fact, the good title of the post gets The title must express the idea of your post in a good way and you should call to action.
  • Pin to Top: Select the best post on your page and Pin to Top (Go to the post on your Page’s Timeline. Click in the top-right corner. Select Pin to Top). This will help in converting new visitors to your page into followers.
  • Like related pages to your niche/category. Additionally, you should post good comments on related posts that are trending on those pages along with your FB page link. This will help get a bigger audience to your page and interested people will like it which in turn creates traffic on your page.
  • Additionally, you can take help from other page admins for sharing your posts on their FB
  • Lastly, If you take a good look at some of the most popular FB pages, you will notice that they tend to share GIF, images, videos, charts, infographics etc, along with their usual text-only.

Easy and Best Ways to Freely Promote Facebook Page:

1: Choice Options:

A product preference contest asks your followers to choose which product is best and like it.



Generally, from this type of posts, we can know the what are peoples’ interests and opinions. Thus, we can target different types tastes/interests of users through one post. In fact, these posts go viral easily due to which likes to your page increases rapidly.

2: Fill in the Blank

Use of ‘fill in the blank’ post instigates the users to like and share a particular post on your page which in turn helps promote facebook page effectively. Inclusively, discussions also happen on your page about that post in the comment section. Furthermore, new visitors help you get free facebook likes to your page.


The same time when users comment emotionally on your post helps the post reach more people on Facebook.

3: Like vs. Share

A “like vs. share” post aims towards your targeted audience and engages your customers. In fact, this kind of posts gets a lot of likes and shares. Firstly, create an image of any two products or services and make a “like vs. share” icon. Basically, ask your followers to choose their favorite one by either liking or sharing your post.

Facebook-Page-Promotion-like vs share

Here’s an example of an e-commerce product. They are promoting their products by asking their followers to choose ‘like’, and someones ‘share’. This kind of posts helps promote facebook page and gain free facebook likes.

4: “Caption This”

Here, ask your followers to caption an image or short video that you have posted.


Here is an example, they are asking their followers to caption an image from a Photo Contest. As a result, within an hour they got 20,000 interactions.

5: Include Calls-to-Action (CTA’s)

A Call-to-Action post works better and gives best results.


CTA is asking your viewers for your post to like, share or comment on it with a valid reason as shown in the above image.


6: Tag Your Friend:

Images that ask the audience to tag their friends over a particular situation, place, similar person shown in that image. This creates fun and better interactions in the comment section which helps you promote facebook page.



7: Mention Eye Catching Title on Image/Video:

To attract an audience to click, like, comment, share your image; you should write eye-catching/interesting titles. Thus helping you gain free facebook likes.

8: Use Viral & Trending Topics While Promote Facebook Page: 

Publish posts on viral & trending topics, it helps to reach more people. You can find trending topics on the right of top side of your Facebook

Easy-Ways-Promote-Facebook-Page-Trending topics

” If you don’t have your own videos then use some product advertising videos and give credits to them. So that, you don’t have any copyright issues from those owners as advertisers aim is to reach their product bigger masses rapidly.”


9: Include their names in Comment who share your page posts. It helps to reach their friends.


10: Conduct some Quiz contests:


Generally, Posts like these intrigue viewer to comment on these posts. These questions help test viewer’s logical reasoning; giving them pleasure in solving these problems. These posts help increase competitiveness in the audience and in turn help promote facebook page.


11: Host some live video chat by girls.


12: After completing all above steps then you have to open your page and click on your post likes now you will see who likes your post and who likes your page. Here you can invite people who like your post without liking page.


If someone comments on your post. Then, you should just reply it and mention their name and call them to like your page.

By Using Groups Promote Facebook Page. ( Risky but Quick way)

This is one of the best and free way to promote facebook page.

Create Ids: Our aim is to promote Facebook page without invest. Mostly, Girls profiles get more likes than boys as there is no surprise in it ;). Because of this reason, many people create girls profiles, for the purpose of easily promotions and quick growth. But, nowadays it is not working because of facebook filters and blocks fake profiles. In fact, as per a recent survey; facebook daily removes Lakhs of Facebook profiles and restricts on some future when you send many requests, messages to unknown peoples and many comments on groups or any links.

Basically, our 1st step is to create profile, groups, and pages. Further, In this post, I will reveal some secrets on how to get more facebook likes and create huge groups and pages quickly and easily. Follow these steps below:

  • Firstly, Create 5 profiles (or) Use your friends profiles. Additionally, you must keep govt. authorized proof for these profiles as these proofs are useful when Facebook blocks your profiles for verification purposes. At the time of such unfortunate events, you need to submit proof.
  • Secondly, search some related groups in Facebook which have a minimum of 50K+ members then join into those groups.
  • (As per my experience, create girls profiles and just verify mail and mobile number then for some days use it like normal profile. After 10-15 days just join 3-5 groups per day. Share 2-3 posts in groups daily. After that profile gets many friend requests, accept all requests. Within month profile reaches 5000 friends.)
  • As per my suggestion use old profiles because you don’t get such kind of issues as stated above.
  • Moreover, Use the same name and date of birth as mentioned in the proofs. Then upload a beautiful profile and timeline pictures. Evidently, make your profile look natural & simple like real profile. Especially, Fill all information in the created profile as empty profiles are less trustworthy.

Caution: Don’t upload pictures of someone else.

  • Now, share interesting posts in the groups that you have joined. Additionally, as per Fb rules join only 40 groups per a day (There are many groups which have more than 1-3lakhs ).
  • In fact, you will get more Friend requests after posting in groups. Accept all friend requests. After getting 5000 friends convert your profile into a page. Repeat the same process with all 5 IDs.
  • Finally, Merge all 5 pages to the main page. Now your page got 25k+ followers. without paying a dollar for the ad.

Lastly, Publish a viral and attractive post. Then share the same post in many numbers (in best timings mentioned above) of groups as much as possible because people interact more when a post has more likes & shares. After sharing one post in many groups the post got more likes & comments & shares.

After sharing your post it will appear in group 2-3 days, these 3 days your post get interactions and it’s used to easily promote facebook page. Again the same post shares same groups after one week. Repeat it 3-4 times. After that, your post and page getting continues likes.

  • Once your pages have reached one static level (50K + likes) it will keep increasing likes n shares you cannot imagine.

If your page is related to a certain business. Then, this method won’t help your page reach your targeted audience initially but the page likes will help to increase ORM ( Online Reputation management). But, Sometimes people like your page depending on the number of likes. Eventually, after increasing page ORM your page will definitely reach your targeted audience easily.

Subsequently, after reaching a standard number of likes then you can promote your page with paid ads. Thus, increasing the popularity of your page and also a number of likes.

In fact, I recommend you to use boosting only after you believe that you have achieved your target number of likes. While using paid promotions, people generally like your page only if your page has a good number of likes.

Keep using these methods and get success.  Keep visiting this site and update yourself with amazing updates. All the best.

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