How To Make Money Quora & How To Make Money Online Quora

How To Make Money Quora & How To Make Money Online Quora

How To Use Quora For Making Money Online ?

Shocking isn’t it….?!!!!! Why not?
Absolutely, you can earn money from quora without having any skills and knowledge about it.
In this post, I will explain from scratch on how to make money using Quora.



Quora was launched on 21st June 2010 by Adam D Angelo and Charlie Cheever. Communities within quora grow rapidly in short span of time as it’s business model represented as a question and answer platform similar to yahoo answers.

In this platform, users can ask questions in any field. Interestingly, these questions are sometimes most silly and sometimes most intriguing. Apparently, quora give the freedom to ask any type of questions depending on users interest and there are no restrictions or allegations.

Users of quora have the authority to answer any question on the platform of any other user without any restriction.


1. If you write a book about failure and it doesn’t sell, is it a success?

2. Will SMS increase the weight of the phone?

3. Did humans have sex in space?

4. Is it a good sign if a couple has same blood group?

5. How can you lift an elephant with one hand?

As you can see, the above questions create a sense of curiosity and also humorous. These type of questions are generally avoided but quora give an opportunity to ask them and get different perspectives on the same question.

Quora gives an advantage over search engines like google and yahoo, to find answers on such scarcely asked questions.

Quora provides an opportunity to solve problems of people all around the world through asking questions.


Does Quora Pay For Contributing And Writing Answers On Their Platforms?

Defiantly, No, quora don’t pay
Quora is a platform where you ask questions for free and get answers for free. In other words, quora is a mediating platform for question and answer through which, we as users can find different ways to make money online.

Firstly, you need to create a reputation around your name/account in Quora. You can do this by answering questions related to your field or industry.
In case, Your answers are definite and highly effective to the questions users notice you and start following you.

As a result, you slowly increase your reputation in quora through answering questions.

But, How your profile reputation make money online quora?

Eventually, Users on a platform of quora will reach you to provide some projects, related to your field. Now you can charge for the services you provide on these projects.
Additionally, you can start providing services using your set of skills to earn money.


How to Make Money Quora With Using Blog:

Blogging is a tricky business. Which depends completely on bringing traffic to your blog. definitively, more than the content itself finding tricks to attract traffic towards your blog is essential in earning money.

Basically, this is the effective reason for which only a few bloggers turn into a millionaire.
Uniquely, Bloggers use quora for attracting a massive traffic towards their blog.

To illustrate, The famous digital marketer an entrepreneur Neil Patel uses his reputation to drive traffic to his websites using quora.


How are Bloggers Using Quora For Driving Traffic?

Generally, as any other blogger find questions related to your blog post and answer them. in fact, your answer should be apt, understandable and the best of all answers so as to get views and upvotes.

Additionally, while you’re answering a question, mention relevant links of your blog such that users may end up on your blog to get the full-fledged answers.
And also, make sure to add your blog URL in your profile so as to help users to know about your blog.

How To Answer A Question On Quora Effectively That Drive Traffic:

Make sure add your blog URL in your profile. It will help to know yours follows.

• Write the best answer, to impress your clients and increase reputation.

• I would suggest you to always write a long answer because it is beneficial in adding URL’s to your answers.

• Use bullet points because it will attract readers and look good and effective.

• Use better images to rank higher.

• Having a YouTube video in your answers gives an advantage over other answers.

• Find best-related question by using this command in Google.


This will help you to find extend questions.


Make Money Online Quora Using Affiliate Marketing:

What is affiliate marketing?

Selling products through online on your own blog or website and getting a commission from online retailers.

Affiliate Marketing Guides:

This is very easy method among all the above methods. This method has been proven effective.
“less effort and good results”

Basically, To start an affiliate marketing business you need to register yourself in any affiliate website like Clickbank, Amazon, and Shareasale etc. Afterward, choose a product and find a question related to that product in quora using the Google command as discussed above.

Lastly, write an impressive answer and provide the affiliate link. If at all, anyone buys the product through your affiliate link then you can get a commission. Check the image below.

Take a look at below image, you get an idea



Make Money From Quora By Selling Books:

Basically, Quora has a platform is gathering of people who are interested to gain new information and knowledge. Therefore, make money online quora by selling ebooks is most effective.

If you are good at writing books then create online eBooks. Basically, to get good profitable market to write books on solutions of the problems posted in quora and sell them at the mediocre price range.

Additionally, Your book will get popularity through shares on social media platforms and increase your profits.

To illustrate, If your book cost 20$ and if you sold 100 copies in one month then you will get 2000$ per month.

Lastly, a golden method for those who lack writing skills is that you can sell PLR ebooks on your Quora account.


Earning Money From YouTube Through Quora:

Especially YouTube is earning millions through youtube videos. if you have interested to create videos then you should promote your videos on quora.

Firstly, go to quora and search topics reelected to your videos and follow some topics and create a question about your videos and write a short and attractive title then post your videos. It’s helps to make money online quora.

You can use Quora for promoting your mobile application also follow the same method and you can use Quora for getting more social shares.

Even you can generate leads using Quora to mint and make money swiftly.

Conclusively, I hope this post ” make money online quora ” will help you a lot. Lastly, feel free to share this with your friends and colleagues. Moreover, if you have any quires regarding this post feel free to comment below.

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