How To Get Free Facebook Advertising Coupon For Promoting Facebook Page


How To Get Free Facebook Advertising Coupon For

Promoting Facebook Page

Free Facebook advertising coupon help for promoting your Facebook page with your targeted audience. Facebook gives coupons to encourage advertisers to promote their business or service via Facebook.

So many people have questions,

Is there any way to get a facebook ad coupon for free?

How to get free facebook advertising coupons?

Free ad coupons for facebook?

Beginners generally are looking for free facebook coupons because they don’t have any experience with Facebook ads. Initially, they are not interested to invest because of lack of money and fear. So they are mostly looking for free ad coupons.

In fact, If they have an idea on Facebook advertising program then they are interested to invest on Facebook ads.

Because of these reasons facebook most of the times give free coupons for beginners to encourage them to promote their business or services.

Additionally, Facebook updates their algorithm on a daily basis thus improving ad reachability to a wider genuine audience which is a great help for advertisers to grow their business. Consequently, controlling of spammers and fake profiles.

I got many coupons in this way, I applied these trick on my most of new pages. My pages likes and engagements were improved.




This is the best way to get free facebook advertising coupon:

Using this trick you can get free facebook ad coupon easily. Firstly, you must have a facebook page with some good posts. Then choose one good post and the bottom of the post-boost option is available. Now, Click on boost option then select targeted audiences like region/address, country, interests, age, and gender. Next, select total budget and duration. Finally, choose one of the payment methods and cancel the payment.

Generally, The facebook intelligent analytics system knows you’re trying to advertise your post. Hence, facebook system automatically sends you any one of free facebook advertising coupon for encouraging you to use their ads. Eventually, You will get the coupon code via notification within the week. Sometimes it takes time but definitely within a month, you will receive the coupon.

Note: Do not use one account for all pages. Generally, only new pages quickly receive a coupon.

Follow these below instructions:

  • Must use a unique IP address
  • Use old facebook account
  • Promotion is must have 1st from that account
  • Fill the account details then cancel the transaction
  • Always post good and interesting posts because we do not know which post will get the promotional coupon (Mostly posts with good engagements get promotional coupons)

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