Best Way To Build Email List For Free || Email Marketing Strategies Free

Best Way To Build Email List For Free || Email Marketing Strategies Free

Best Way To Build Email List For Free || Email Marketing Strategies Free

Best Way To Build Email List For Free || Email Marketing Strategies Free

Best way to build email list in email marketing is very important in growing in blog or business. It helps to reach costumers or users inboxes directly with your product or service.

Nowadays bloggers and businessmen use email marketing to expand their costumers base.


Build An Email List Free


How To Collect First Email List For Free? Email Marketing

There are many ways to collect email address as discussed below:

Generally, bloggers or businessmen build email list through blog subscription. But this method is highly ineffective and time consuming for beginners. In fact, users or customers only subscribe which they like. This methods are highly effective and recommended when you are getting good traffic.

Secondly, we can collect emails through tools or third-party software. But this process is unofficial and you may face legal issues from recipients. Generally, this method is not recommended.

Thirdly, we can buy email addresses from third party people. This process is also unofficial.

Therefore, the above two mentioned methods are ineffective and costly. Using these processes we cannot collect accurate email addresses as they may contain spam and unrelated email ID’s.

Additionally, You need to filter the collected email addresses using the software. Which are expensive and time-consuming.


How To Build Email List For Free In Easy Way

Apparently, bloggers or businessmen use paid ad campaigns for building email lists. Even though this process is expensive but very effective. Thus this process is applicable for pro bloggers and businessmen for generating leads.

However, for new bloggers, the above processes are less functional. Thus we use Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social platforms as our email data sources.

As we Know, Facebook has better opportunities to collect email addresses free. Generally, Facebook groups have a large database for email addresses.

Basically, you need to join Facebook groups related to your niche or business. Moreover, the size of the group doesn’t matter. And after joining and getting approval in 10-20 groups you can start collecting email addresses.

Firstly, you need to create a good post which attracts users. But when publishing your post in all groups give a gap of minimum five minutes between posting in each group. This precaution is necessary so that Facebook does not block your account features.


Which Type Of Posts Helps To Build Proper Email Addresses?

Mostly, posts which are helpful for users to satisfy their needs are effective.

Example: Generally we see ads on Facebook which ask user email addresses to download a free PDF book or giveaways on their websites.

As a result, customers or users get attracted towards free goods and services; thereby giving away their email addresses which end up beneficial for bloggers or businessmen.

Therefore, you as a blogger or businessman need to post ads/posts related to your niche or business to get the email data of targeted people.

Finally, you are able to acquire an accurate email data to send emails, build a brand and develop a relationship with your customers. Soon this relationship with your customers gets converted into good conversion rate; i.e. good businesses and profits.

Secondly, after joining a Facebook group; search for the post which contains email addresses which are related to your niche or business and start collecting them.

For instance, If you are unable to find any post then go to the search bar and type keywords such as “drop your email” or “send email” “comment email”. Definitely, you will find posts using the above keywords.


How to use collected email addresses?

Generally, when you find a list of emails in the comments section select a complete comment section; copy it and paste it in Microsoft Word (.doc) for further editing. To begin with editing, delete everything excluding addresses in the word document.

And, convert all into lowercase letters because generally, mail addresses are in lower case letters. Furthermore, it is better to have all email Ids in column one below the other.

Now, Paste all the edited data in a Microsoft Excel sheet (.xml) to delete any existing duplicate email addresses in your list. Finally, save as the edited excel file in a notepad file. Because uploading email data to tools easier through .txt files.


Why Email Marketing? Importance Of Email Marketing | Uses Of Email Marketing

Email marketing allows users or customers to engage with your product or service through emails.

Example: When you publish a new post the customer can engage with your new post through an email alert.
In fact, Email marketing helps create a good relationship with the users or customers.

Email marketing can reach a wide audience in a short period of time and allows recipients to immediately act on messages.

Additionally, email marketing can improve your product or service through costumers feedback.


How To Send Emails Freely? How To Send Bulk Emails Free Without Spamming?

At last, you have reached the stage to send emails to your costumers. But sending unlimited emails through normal email id is not possible. Because normal email ids get blocked while sending bulk emails.

Therefore, sending bulk emails is a task for other marketing tools. As we know most of the services are paid but some of them give limited access to the free trial for expanding their business agenda. Thus as a beginner, you should snatch this opportunity of free services for sending bulk emails.

Beware, That there are some third party tools which are ineffective and are not recommended as these tools may hack your systems and create an issue.

Basically, there is a good amount of working email marketing tools which give limited free services. And, some of the best email marketing tools are listed below.


S.NONameEmails/MonthSubscribers/Day (Maximum)
1Mail Chimp12000Up to 2000
2Mail Jet6000200
3Send Pulse150002500
4Bench Mark140002000
5Send In BlueUnlimited300
7Mailer Lite
8Vertical Response40001000


Best Tips for Sending Free Emails:

Firstly, Note that; You need to create two accounts in the email marketing tool in whichever service tools from the above list.

Because this tip will help you send emails to large costumers base. Consequently, you need to create separate files for a different number of mail addresses as each tool provides only a set number of emails to be sent every day.

To elaborate, MailChimp provides 12,000 emails per month for 2000 subscribers (customers). If you decide to send email alerts to your costumers daily you need to calculate a number of emails sent per month. For, better use of tool chooses less than the number of subscribers offered.

For example, you take 400 email addresses out of 2000 and you choose to send one mail alert these 400 addresses.

The tool allows you to send this single mail alert to 400 email addresses for 30 days (400 email addresses x 30 Days x 1 mail per Day = 12000 mail alerts) and after 30 days the tool refreshes your email limit (ex:12,000) for the next month.

Thus, This strategy allows you to send a number of mail alerts to less number of people in one month.

Additionally, for you to send mail alerts to more number of subscribers you need to create multiple accounts so that you can extract maximum benefits out of these tools.

At last, If you have succeeded in doing all the above steps then I bet you got a general idea on email marketing and its tools and how to use them effectively. Congratulations….!!!

Thanks for reading. Feel free to share this with your friends and colleagues.

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