5 Tools to Create Professional Logo for Your Brand | Create Online Logo

5 Tools to Create Professional Logo for Your Brand | Create Online Logo

5 Tools to Create Professional Logo for Your Brand | Create Online Logo

5 Tools to Create Professional Logo for Your Brand | Create Online Logo


Create online logo of your requirement. Have a website that loads fast, a checkout system that never fails and always conduct performance tests in e-commerce. These are some of the most important points for anyone who wants to get results with their web store. However, there is another detail that can be decisive at the time of purchase, but that many people end up leaving aside: the logo of your store.

Yes, that’s right. Your business logo, more than a design object, can be an essential part of the downfall or increase character for your store.

Want to know the reason for this and what are the best tools that exist to create a professional logo? So, check out the post!


Why is it so important to have a good logo?

Just as a good page design can convey an idea of brand professionalism, the same goes for the logo. This is because good design shows that your company is legitimate, trustworthy and credible. Weak or inconsistent designs do not inspire consumer confidence, but a strong logo can create credibility.


Here are some common reasons why having a good logo is essential:

1 – Build the initial trust

Before a customer walks into your store or accesses your website. He develops the first impression of your company, in part, by your logo. If your logo is professional, you are more likely to help future customers feel that your business is also professional.


2 – Attract new customers

A professional logo can inspire customers to do business with you or remind you when the time is right.


3 – Stand out from competitors

When browsing through a catalog, for example, you will see a multitude of forgettable companies, differentiating yourself from competitors with a logo is key to winning leads. When you are going to develop your brand, you need to make sure that the logo developed will help you stand out.


4 – Keep loyal customers

If your brand and logo are solid, your customers will be less likely to try out or know your competitors’ products/services.


5 – Build trust with professionalism

A professional logo will tell customers that you are good at what you do and contrarily, a sloppy, boring, or poorly executed logo can convey your company’s lack of capacity and cause the customer to lose confidence in acquiring your products/services.


Some basic rules for create online logo

Memorable If people can not easily remember your logo and link it to your brand, you’re in trouble. It’s time for you to evaluate a new project.

Distinct – Everything in one logo is important – any similarity in design with any another brand can result in disaster or stiff competition. Just pay attention to all fast food logos – they’re all red and yellow.

Scalable – You have to think about where the logo can be placed, and how you can fit it to make it look and feel the drive, given the changes in scale and detail.

Relevant – A logo should be appropriate for your industry. It should have design elements that can be easily associated with your company and business.


So if you already have a company and are thinking about giving a new look to your visual identity, or if you are starting a new business and want to start on the right foot. Then read this article and know the five tools for creating an ideal logo for your business now.





5 great tools to create professional logo || Create Online Logo

With all this theoretical foundation, it is time to know some of the main tools for creating a professional logo.


1. Adobe Illustrator

Adobe’s flagship vector production tool, Illustrator, comes out in front of everyone else by being easily operated by just about any designer and boasting various tutorials on the internet.

The only (and small) problem is that it requires a premium payment. However, on the official website, it is possible to either download a free trial version for 30 days or pay a monthly subscription of less than $ 100 for the use of the tool.


2. DesignEvo

At DesignEvo, it’s even simpler. You can enter the site, choose from thousands of templates, icons, free shapes, and fonts to combine and compose your logo. For those who have limited graphics knowledge AND don’t want to spend much of their budget, this is an excellent alternative to Adobe Illustrator.

The best of all is that it’s online and free. You don’t need to download any additional applications. Using DesignEvo is easy and fast to complete high grade professional logo. It only takes you few minutes to create professional logo.



Completely free, GIMP is an open source Illustrator.

With it, in addition to creating a logo, it is also possible to do image manipulation work as in the well-known Photoshop.

For those who have never worked with this tool, the tip is to look at the tutorials available in English on the company’s official website.


4. Logomkr

Same as DesignEvo, Logomkr is free and it does not require any download, working completely online. It has a video tutorial that guides you to create a professional logo. In Logomkr, over one million graphics are searchable. It also lets you create text, shapes, and more. The idea of the platform is to be fairly simplified and get right to the point.


5. Logojoy

With prices ranging from $ 20 to $ 195, Logojoy works like this: you enter the site, choose some patterns, colors, and fonts, test your logo on products such as T-shirts, boxes and cards. And, when satisfied, make the purchase for receiving the final file in high definition.

This is a hand on the wheel for those who do not want to waste too much time producing the perfect design for their brand.

Now you know what the importance of a logo to store is, how this can impact the results of your business and even what are the best tools to create online logo for your brand. So, how about you start crafting or redesigning your own right now?

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