7 Avoidable Marketing Mistakes Small Business Owners Make


7 Avoidable Marketing Mistakes Small Business Owners Make

If you do business out of passion, you would agree that the marketing part of the small business setups is the most exciting one. It is all about exploring different marketing strategies and making use of them in more innovative and effective ways. Getting the word out is the most essential part of any business.

No success can be achieved unless the marketing strategies are well planned, well improvised, and effectively carried out. And this is true for both small as well as big business setups. Marketing plays a pivotal part in the overall success. Take the instance of Verizon. Who doesn’t know about the cox bundle deals! The credit goes to the marketing department for spreading the word in such an effective way that everyone is well acquainted with the company as well as their deals.

You need to consider each and every possible combination of marketing tactics and activities to come up with the most effective ones. Despite the fact that there are tons of marketing activities out there, small business owners still make a few (significant) marketing mistakes that can be avoided easily.

Let’s figure them out.



1. Not having a proper marketing plan

Planning ahead for anything in life is very important. And when it comes to marketing your business venture, we can never ignore the planning part. If you are promoting your business without any marketing plan, it’s like going to shop for a blue outfit with a blindfold on. There are chances that you get lucky but you are going to waste a lot of money and time in the process. Therefore, the need for proper planning is essential. So, invest time in jotting down a proper marketing plan.


2. Trying to sell out to everyone

This is perhaps the most common mistake that the owners of small businesses make. They start considering everyone their potential customer. It is possible to lure a broad audience with your products and services. But, when it comes to the marketing tactics, you need to narrow down the targeted audience to a recognizable group. This will help you use your marketing tactics and messaging to reach them directly.


3. Being vague about what essentially makes your business different

You need to understand that your business is not like any other business. If it were, you wouldn’t have given it a shot in the first place. To market your business efficiently and effectively, what you need to do is to identify what makes you different from the mainstream competition. 

You need to start by creating a unique and effective selling proposition that you can refer to as your marketing guide. Know what makes you different.


4. Not making use of social media

Social media has taken the world by storm. The massive number of users on social media shows the marketing potential of the said forums. Using social media is free and effective. The contemporary trends of sharing viral content have given marketing opportunities to business owners.

You should come up with catchy marketing campaigns and social media will help you reach massive audiences. You will yield great results if you are able to use social networking sites effectively. Select the right networks, and be clear about your goals. Not using social media in the age that we are living in is perhaps the biggest mistake that you could be making as an entrepreneur.

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5. Reluctant to try new and innovative marketing activities

When it comes to small businesses, owners are often over-scheduled, juggling several priorities at one time. Although routines are good and help you manage your time, they can also result in making us complacent, particularly when it comes to the marketing activities.

Marketing is changing and the challenges are different now. You need to be open about trying new marketing strategies, as long as they give you the right results.


6. Underestimating the power of the word of mouth

If you are successful in providing an excellent service or a product, your customers become thrilled and excited. They spread the word to their friends, family, and colleagues. In any case encouraging your clients to do that is recommended.


7. Ignoring the massive competition

You need to be well aware of what your competitors are doing. You can learn about them through Google, and observe their marketing strategies, their social media activities, so on and so forth. Uncover new marketing strategies and opportunities while you make the said research. Make the best use of new Verizon plans, and get started with what you should do to effectively market your business.